Oftentimes, school networks and devices used primarily by young children employ very strict firewall and internet restrictions on networks. While we do our best to use state of the art security measures at Kodable, sometimes these security measures prevent Kodable from working properly. 

These systems are operating as intended. A child's safety when browsing the internet is of the utmost importance, and we will not attempt to circumvent security systems or firewalls. Please refer to the the following steps to fix these issues while retaining the security of your network for yourself and your students.

Addressing Log-in and Network Access Issues

1. Update your apps!

Make sure the Kodable app is up to date if you are using Kodable on iPad or iPhone. Older versions might not have the most up-to-date security measures that could get flagged by network security systems.

2. Whitelist Kodable URLs

If you are using a firewall, ad-blocker, or other security system, you will need to whitelist certain URLs to make sure our game and dashboard can communicate our servers.

It is difficult to say which system could be blocking access - depending on your internet configuration it could be:

  1. Your browser - a browser set in "restricted" or "secure" mode might block access to the Kodable servers

  2. A browser plugin - Certain browser plugins (such as ad-blockers and Antivirus tools) can sometimes block access to our servers

  3. A firewall - This can be on your computer itself or on your network (more common in a school setting). You might need to get in touch with your district administrator to have them unblock Kodable URLs.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you are on a school network, or one you do not have access to it's firewall settings, you can find out if your school network is causing the issue by trying somewhere else. Typically, public networks such as Starbucks work fine

  • If you do not have access to your dashboard, but your students do (or vice versa) this is almost always a security issue. Oftentimes teachers and students are on different 'access' rules on a school network

  • Proxies can cause access issues as well. This often happens with international users, especially in Australia and the United Kingdom. Be sure Kodable is configured to be allowed through the proxy, or if possible bypass it altogether by using the web version of Kodable

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