First of all, thank you for sharing about Kodable! We have a number of resources available to you, and suggest you view them all on our resources page.

These include

  • Kodable Image Pack
  • Kodable Handout
  • "About Kodable" Presentation
  • "Why Coding?" Presentation
  • 5 Reasons to Teach Kids to Code Infographic and Poster
  • Kodable Common Core Alignment materials
  • And more!

Are you planning your own virtual event or PD? We put together a kit of all the main resources you might need to teach others about using Kodable.

This includes

  • 1 pager - What is Kodable?
  • Information Slide Deck
  • Common Questions
  • Testimonials
  • Meet the Fuzzes
  • Kodable for Teachers
  • Login in with Class Code
  • VIdeos Page

Additionally, if you need additional support in your presentation, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Kodable team directly by submitting a support request.

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