Your teacher dashboard gives you access to management tools, lesson plans, and the ability to assign game levels for student completion. This a different platform than students use to access Kodable when they sign in.

There are a few different ways you can access the student view of Kodable for different purposes. Whether you need to model lessons for students, support students as they progress through assignments, or just want to play through the assignments yourself, we've got you covered.

Kodable Student View

You can access teacher demo mode without needing to navigate outside of your teacher dashboard. This is great for modeling an assignment for students or showing students how to access their assignments before they log into their profiles.

  • Log into your teacher dashboard
  • Select the "Student View" tab on the left
  • The game will load within your dashboard and you can navigate as needed.

Create a Teacher profile in the game

Creating a teacher profile allows you to add yourself to the class roster within the student platform but with everything unlocked so you don't need to complete assignments in order. Freely move between assignments to model assignments for students or help students as needed.

You can create a teacher profile from your teacher dashboard:

  • Log into your teacher dashboard
  • Select the "Students" tab on the left
  • Choose the green "+ Create Student" button
  • Choose a class to add yourself to!
  • Click the toggle button to "make this a teacher profile" and create the student
  • Log into the class by entering your class code where it says "School Profile" and select your profile from the class roster.

Add yourself as a student

This is best for experiencing the game as a student would. Nothing will be unlocked and you will play through the assignments just like your students do- learning how to code as you go!

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