What are Coding Challenges?

Weekly challenges encourage your learner to stretch their coding skills in all directions and get rewarded with more Koins!

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What are the Challenges?

The weekly Challenges encourage learners to play new areas of Kodable that they haven't explored deeply. Thus each learner will have their own customized set of weekly Challenges offered to them. Challenges are entirely optional and are only offered to our Home account holders as a premium feature.

Where can I find the Challenges?

When your learner has achieved Kode Rank 7, Challenges are available. In Fuzztopia, tap on the learner's Rank to open the Challenges.

Here your learner can see what their current Challenges are, what the Koin reward is for completing each Challenge, and their current progress toward completion of each Challenge.

What happens when I complete a Challenge?

When your learner completes a challenge a little red dot flashes in Fuzztopia to alert them to collect their Koin reward!

When the learner taps on this red dot, they'll see that they've completed 1 or more Challenges and can collect their reward. Tap on the gold button next to each completed Challenge to redeem the Koin reward.

New custom Challenges are offered every week! Your learner can work through their remaining Challenges and get 3 new ones next week!

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