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How can I add another player?

Add up to 4 players on your Pro account

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Open the Kodable app or go to Click "Pro" profile and enter your login credentials.

To add another child to your Kodable Pro account, select the Add Player button on the player selection screen.

Then select Create New Player

Then tap in the text bar to start typing in your child's name, then tap Create Player.

This adds this new player to your existing account.

To play under this new player account just click the yellow arrow below the name. You will be taken into Fuzztopia under that player's account. This new player's progress will also display on your Parent Dashboard.

How do I remove a player?

On the player selection screen, choose which player you wish to remove and tap the "X" mark next to their name. You will enter a unique code that will permanently delete this player and all their progress.

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