Do you have one or multiple Google Classrooms already set up? You can save time by importing the class rosters directly to your Kodable dashboard. Here's how:

How to Import Google Classrooms:

Step 1: Add a class

Log into your Kodable dashboard and select the "My Classes" tab on the left side menu. Click the big blue "+ Add Class" button.

Step 2: Show advanced options

Click the caret located under the "Class Name" field to open up advanced options.

Step 3: Import Google Classrooms

Click the red "Import Google Classrooms" button.

If this is your first time importing a google classroom, you will be asked to enter your email and password. Be sure to enter the same email you use with Google Classroom.

Step 4: Select the classes you'd like to import

You will see all of the Google Classrooms associated with the email you chose in Step 3. Click the check box next to the class or classes you want to import to Kodable.

Optional - select a grade level for your class from the dropdown menu next to class name.

Step 5: Import

Click the green "import" button to quickly add your classes and students to your Kodable Dashboard. You will be directed to your brand new class page.

❓Google Classroom FAQs

If I make changes to my Google Classroom, will it change in Kodable too?

Kodable’s Google Classroom integration is a one-time sync. This means changes to your Google Classroom, like the addition of a student, will not be reflected in Kodable.

What should I do if I want to make changes to my Kodable class after I imported with Google Classroom?

You can make edits to your Kodable class, like adding or deleting students, directly from your Kodable dashboard.

If I archive or delete my Google Classroom, will my students still have access to Kodable?

Yes. Since it is a one time sync, students will still be in Kodable and have access to their Kodable account, even if their Google Classroom is archived or deleted.

If I import the same Google Classroom again, will it save my students' previous Kodable progress?

No, it will create new student profiles on your Kodable dashboard and their game progress will be reset.

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