If you need to cancel your Kodable Pro Membership, you can do so at any time. Canceling your subscription does not delete your account, you can resume your subscription at any time.

App Store Purchases

If you purchased a Kodable for Parents subscription through the App Store, you will be billed through iTunes and you would need to unsubscribe through iTunes. For more information on cancelling your subscription through Apple, use the link below.


Kodable Purchases

If you registered and purchased through Kodable's website, you can cancel your subscription from your Parent dashboard at any time. 

  • Log in to your Parent dashboard with the e-mail address you registered with.¬†

  • Select the "Settings" button at the top of your dashboard by clicking on your name.

  • Select the "cancel subscription" option to stop monthly billing¬†

You can always resume your subscription on your Parent dashboard from the "Settings" tab if you decide to try our newest updates and content down the road. We'd love to have you back!

Reach out to us at support@kodable.com if you have questions or issues canceling your subscription.

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