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Hour of Code Activities

What activities are available for the 2023 Hour of Code?

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Welcome to the 2023 Hour of Code! Each of our 2023 activities encourage creativity and design thinking while learning about programming. You can read about each activity below and you can view a full list of our Hour of Code activities at

Hour of Code 2023: Robots and Puppies

Students will meet Kodable's fluffy friends and learn how to care for them! "Pets" are in-game puppies that require a lot of love and attention. Students will program Carebots to help with the responsibility of being a new paw-rent using coding concepts such as functions and conditional statements. Have students participate in this fun art activity for extra unplugged coding practice before logging in.

Hour of Code 2023: Make Shapes with Code

Math is a part of our lives everywhere. In this activity, students use math and coding skills to make their own maze, try to solve it, and share with classmates. From basic squares to more complex shapes, students will use design thinking and math skills as they build their own solvable Kodable levels. Complete video lesson and teacher notes are included in this self-guided activity.

Beach Cleanup with Kodable

Join the fuzzFamily as they code to create a cleaner environment for their friends on the Fuzztopia beaches. Learn to use code for good! This self-guided activity includes 4 video tutorials to explain coding concepts. Can your students recycle enough trash to earn a prize? If this is your students' first time using Kodable, we encourage you to use the brief teacher lesson here

Build Your Own Kodable Fuzz

The Kodable Fuzz Builder Activity includes a video prompt encouraging students to create a fuzz using JavaScript inspired by their favorite story or character. The students will be guided through creating a fuzz. Then students complete a selection of Kodable mazes with their new fuzz. We do encourage you to use the brief teacher lesson here

Classic Kodable Hour of Code Activity

If you're looking for a completely self guided activity and want to complete the classic introduction to coding and Kodable. You can get your students started by going to our Hour of Code Game page, there you can log in with a class code or play without saving.  Once students are logged in, they can click the "Home" button, and then click the Control Center Tree House in the middle of Fuzztopia. This will take students to the first introductory level of Kodable. Happy coding!

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