A parent code is issued by a school or teacher and serves two purposes:

  1. It can be entered when a parent is setting up a Pro membership and wants to connect their child's Pro and School accounts

  2. It can be used by parents to set up a free parent dashboard to view a child's Kodable projects and level progress made at school

For both options, parents just need to register for Kodable and enter their child's parent code during sign up. Tracking progress from school is completely free

How To Use A Parent Code

Parent Codes are entered as one of the first steps during registration.

1. Go to Kodable.com/register and select "Parent"

2. When asked if your child uses Kodable at school, choose "Yes"

3. Select "Use Parent Code from school"

4. Enter the parent code that you received from your child's teacher or school

5. Go through the rest of the steps to create your account

6. At the last step you will be presented with a choice to start a 7 day free trial for a Kodable Pro Membership or "Skip For Now"

Starting a free trial will connect your child's school account with their new Pro account and unlock the entire Kodable game!

"Skip For Now" will re-direct you to your free parent dashboard where you can view your child's Kodable projects and level progress from school.

Wondering if your child has a parent code from school? Reach out to your child's teacher and ask!

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