Asteroidia comes in two parts - the game levels and the Asteroidia Game Designer. The Astroidia game levels teach the concept of “variables”: strings, integers, and arrays. Variables involve assigning a specific value -- like color, quantity, or speed -- to something, and then using that value in the program.

The Asteroidia Game Designer builds on this concept. Students expand their understanding of variables by changing values that actually modify their version of the Asteroidia game. This could be which way the asteroids drop, the name of their games, and even the difficulty itself!

Using the Kid-Optimzed Development Center (KODE) , students will modify string and integer values for the properties below and more:

  • The game's background image 

  • The name of their game 

  • Game instructions for players

  • Number of asteroids in the field

  • Fuzz ball speed 

  • Number of points awarded for each asteroid combo

Where do my learners go to use Game Designer? 

When learners log into their profiles, Game Designer is located on the left side of Fuzztopia.

Why don't my learners have access to the Game Designer or more variables to use to create their games?

Since learners need to learn the coding concept to create playable games first, Game Designer unlocks in Fuzztopia:

School Version

After learners have completed a few levels of any game and earned up to Rank 4, Game Designer is unlocked, along with all of the creative areas of Kodable.

Home Version:

The key (a diamond gem) that unlocks Game Designer is placed on the level map for learners to see their upcoming reward. When learners complete level 4 of Astroidia, the key transports them back to Fuzztopia and automatically opens up Game Designer.

As learners progress through Asteroidia, they unlock more variables -- like throwing speed -- to use to enhance their games.

How to get started?

Watch and try this Game Designer coding mission!

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