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How to use Fuzz Builder
How to use Fuzz Builder

Use the Fuzz Builder to build your own Fuzz using JavaScript or Swift!

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In addition to Kodable's many structured lessons and levels, learners can create and use their own custom Fuzzes by applying concepts learned throughout the product.

Where do my learners go to build a custom Fuzz?

When learners log into their profiles, the Fuzz Builder is located on the left side of Fuzztopia.

Unlocking Fuzz Builder

Once a learner has reached Kode Rank 4, located near the players profile name, the Fuzz Builder unlocks in Fuzztopia.

How does the Fuzz Builder work?

Students select Fuzz Properties and Functions from the Utility Area. Then, lines of code will appear in the Source Editor for each of the bodies, eyes, mouths, hats, or items the child selects. This code is based on the coding language selection in the Toolbar. In addition, the input of code results in an output in the Simulator - a brand new fuzz character!

Learners are able to make up to five fuzzes. Teachers should encourage students to go back and edit/remix their Fuzzes as they unlock new special accessories.

Why don't my learners have access to the Fuzz Builder or more properties to use to create their custom fuzzes?

  • Additional properties to use in Fuzz designs are awarded as learners complete levels.

  • Every time a learner moves up a rank (by completing several levels and completing challenges), they earn a spin at the properties wheel.

  • Learners spin the wheel and tap “stop” to see which new property they won. Properties that can be won include new body colors, mouths, eyes, and fun costume accessories.

How do my learners use their custom Fuzzes?

Once a learner has created and saved their new Fuzz, that Fuzz becomes available for the learner to select as their avatar to play with throughout Kodable.

For example, if a learner creates a new fuzz in the Fuzz Builder (shown above under "Your Fuzzes"), that fuzz will then be featured in the Smeeborg maze levels (shown below).

How to get started? 

Try this beginner activity introducing properties to make a Fuzz!

Check out our Fuzz Builder activity, Coding Remix Adventure to teach students to remix their fuzzes through different scenarios.

Learn more about the KODE editor in Kodable here

Note: Premium and Premium+ subscribers have the option to enable or disable various areas in the game. Fuzz Builder is automatically enabled but can be disabled using the Manage Fuzztopia tool explained below. Buildings unlock when students earn the keys. Teachers can override the keys students earn and lock building within Fuzztopia at their discretion .

Go to My Classes, Assignments then Manage Fuzztopia

You can chose to lock certain buildings or all of them by moving the toggle to left, locked state and then saving changes.

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