Outside of Kodable's structured lessons and levels, students can build, test, solve, and share their own mazes with the Maze Maker feature.

When will my students have access to the Maze Maker?

  • Since students need to learn the coding concepts to create solvable mazes first, the Maze Maker unlocks after completing the first section of Conditions. 
  • Additional commands (conditions, loops, functions) unlock gradually as students complete levels in each unit..

Where is the Maze Maker? 

When students log into their profiles, Maze Maker is located near the upper left corner of Fuzztopia.

How do my students get started?

Once students unlock the Maze Maker, encourage them to complete the challenges given before trying their own ideas.  

Mazes must be solvable! Students need to include stars in the path of the maze and earn all three for the maze to successfully be created and saved. 

When a student saves their completed maze, it will be added to a class collection for students in the class to solve. Simply click on "Your Class" to test other mazes built by the class.

Learn more about Maze Maker through our blog and get our Maze Maker Introduction lesson plan in our Lesson Library.

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