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Setting Expectations for Student Login
Setting Expectations for Student Login

What to do if your students are logging into other students' accounts and how to add a layer of security to student profiles login.

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Sometimes students will use the class code login option and either accidentally or intentionally log in as another student. This can be prevented in a couple ways.ย 

Using Picture or Text Passwords

One solution is to set up Picture or Text Passwords for your students. We will automatically generate a unique picture for each student that they can use as their "password" (great for pre-readers). If you prefer a text password, select the option for text password and students can use their Parent Code as a password to log into their profile.
Both password options are available to all schools on one of our Kodable School Plans. Find out more information about passwords here.ย 

Introducing Good Digital Citizenship and Classroom Expectations

A lot of teachers use this as an opportunity to talk to students about digital citizenship, internet safety and plagiarism. Establishing classroom norms around such behavior is useful for you and to help students understand their role in the digital world. Here are some resources you may find useful:

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