If you want to "assign all practice levels" or "unassign all practice levels," you can do so in a few ways depending on your needs. 

Assign by Class Pacing:

To assign levels based on the recommended pacing for your class's grade level, you can go to that class and assign all levels. You can Assign or Unassign from this page.  

Example: If a class is on a Kindergarten pacing they will be assigned all the levels for the lessons that appear on their class roadmap. 

Assign by Concept:

You can assign a concept to any class from the Assignments page on your teacher dashboard. Just select the Kodable world where the levels are located, then click to assign the concept to your class. 

Here you can: 

  • Assign to one class

  • Assign to many classes

  • Assign to all classes. 

  • Anassign levels from this page as well. 

You can see what grade the levels are recommended for on the assignment dialogue.
If the levels are outside of the recommended pacing for a class, you will receive an alert telling you that the lessons may be too hard for your students. 

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