Managing hundreds of students can be challenging, but we've made it a little easier with bulk import for classes and students! 

If you're an admin or if you have multiple classes this is a quick easy way to add all your students and classes in one place. 

1. To get started go to your dashboard and click add a class, then click "Need to add multiple classes?".

2. Export your student lists with teacher names from your LMS. 

I've added the room numbers in mine for clarity because I'm managing 500 student names in this sheet. 

3. Create all your classes with names, class code and grade.


  • Use name that are easy to recognize and match your data. 

  • Use the "Generate class code for me" button. Teachers can change the class code later.

  • Use the "Advanced Options" to select grade appropriate content, and to enable picture passwords if you want to. Both of these can be edited later by the teacher. 

  • If you are an admin with multiple teachers, invite them to link with your account before doing this. You'll be able to assign the classes from here. 

4. Add students to each class by copy and pasting from your spreadsheet. 

Tip: Periodically verify that you are copying from the correct line and that the number of students in each class is correct. Having the teacher name and room number in the spreadsheet will make this easier. 

5. Once you've added all your students, click "Submit and Create Classes"

You'll see your classes added one by one! 

Hooray! You're finished! 

How long does this take? As a frame of reference, I created this spreadsheet of 500 students with grade and teachers, named all the classes, added them all to Kodable and wrote this article in under an hour ;P

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