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Can I get a direct login URL for each class?
Can I get a direct login URL for each class?

Find out how to get a unique URL for your students to use as a short cut. Save this on your class website!

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Did you know?? Each class created in Kodable has its own unique URL. This makes logging into Kodable on the web a breeze.

Where to Find the Class URL

  • Log into your teacher dashboard

  • Click My Classes and scroll down to the Computers section.

What Is It Used For?

Once you've copied the class URL, you can send it directly to your class via email, google classroom, or however else you communicate digitally. When students click the link, they will be brought directly to the class roster (shown below)

All students need to do is find and select their name; no need to enter any class code or type anything. This is a perfect option for young students who have trouble typing a class code!

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