If you are interested in purchasing a curriculum from Kodable through DonorsChoose.org, you can submit it to the Special Request projects process for approval by DonorsChoose.org. 

About Donors Choose Special Request Projects:

"A Special Request project allows teachers with 6 or more points to select materials or services that are not available from our vendors. You can find your points in the private info section of your account. Some examples of items that qualify as Special Requests are postage stamps, film developing, or educational website subscriptions.

We can't accept a Special Request for items that are already available through our vendors.

If you have earned the 6 points needed to submit a Special Request project, you'll see the option to "Create a special request" at the bottom of the vendor list when creating your project.

While it's possible to choose any retailer, online or otherwise, we strongly encourage teachers to research their options and ensure that the business is a legitimate one.

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While it happens very rarely, we reserve the right to deny a Special Request."

Source: Donorschoose.org, 2018

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